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26 July
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"She's probably gone through many painful and positive experiences, and being able to still smile after overcoming them makes her an amazing person..."

You know, I always struggle with these things. I'm a firm believer that there are people who know you better than you know yourself, and that those people could tell you much more about me than I ever could. But I suppose I will start by saying I've been through a lot in my eighteen years of life. Not as much as some, mind you, but more than many. I'm proud of myself for it too. So far, rather than being crushed by life's hardships, I've overcome them and made myself a better person because of it. I have a lot of good stories. If you enjoy a decent conversation, you can count on me for that. If you have some good stories of your own, I'm a great listener as well.

I no longer take anything for granted, I've lost so much. I pride myself in being not like everyone else. I wear my heart on my sleeve. There are good people left in the world, you know? Many walk on me for it, but by being one of these people, I've met some really wonderful individuals. My friends, be it they live in the next room or be it they live 1000+ miles away, mean everything to me. The little family I have left, they are my life. I guess I'm a little perverted... But if you knew my cousins, you'd wonder how I managed to hold on to as much innocence as I have! It's not my fault, I swear it. xD I've got a good sense of humor, though sometimes my jokes are a tad stale, eheh...

What more can I say? Take a risk and talk to me. You'll likely find out more that way than you will from my mindless rambles. :P